We are a team of undergraduate students at the Illinois Institute of Technology who, with the support of faculty and industry advisers, are working to improve the conditions of education in Haiti. Our goal is to create a sustainable and replicable solar energy solution for schools in resource-impoverished areas. We are also working to foster collaboration between partners in the US and in Haiti, and to help develop and foster local capacities in Haiti.

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Up to now, our team's main focus has been on designing and implementing a solar powering solution to provide power so that schools can utilize computer equipment and take advantage of Internet connectivity. We traveled to Haiti in August, 2011 to install our pilot solar powering solution--a direct current (DC)-only 2.4 Kilowatt p.v. system--at the EFACAP school in Lascahobas. We returned in December, 2011 to set up a solar-powered Internet connection and wifi hotspots across the school's campus, as well as two servers. In addition to the technical work, we held a training session with the teachers, most of whom had never before used the Internet, in how to get online, access the server, and set up email accounts for the first time! We also worked during the semester to develop an improved laptop charging station, which we deployed on-site and even trained local parents in how to construct these themselves, and we brought along the primary-level educational content we developed during the previous semester, relating to solar power and sanitation. We have also been working diligently toward increasing and strengthening our partnerships in Haiti.

However, these are only the first steps to achieving our larger goal of providing an affordable, replicable, open-source solar powering solution to schools across Haiti! 

This semester we will be working to develop our project into a sustainable, replicable, and scalable business proposition. Stay tuned!!!




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